Drunken Tsunami - Gaming Community

Drunken Tsunami is a casual gaming community formed of friends that love to play games together. We have been active in many games but were originally formed in the game Everquest on the Terris Thule server. We became known on our server for our ability to take down large group and raid targets using small groups with unconventional methods. It's one of the things we enjoy most about MMORPGs and strive to maintain this tradition wherever we play.

Where are we now?
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You can find members of Drunken Tsunami in many games and guilds, including (may or may not be currently active):

Everquest - Drunken Tsunami, The Rathe server
Rift - Drunken Tsunami, Perspice Server
Star Wars - The Old Republic

Various games other games on Steam and other services, such as Battlefield Bad Company 2, L4D, L4D2, Borderlands, Team Fortress 2, Need for Speed:Hot Pursuit, Magic the Gathering and more.